On 28th Zagreb Boat Show “Nautika” we have exhibited Pearlsea 31 Coupe yacht with unique and innovative electric cockpit door system.

After see premiere at Biograd Boat Show we have exhibited our Pearlsea 31 Coupe yacht at traditional Nautika boat show in Croatian capital.

Pearlsea 31 Coupe is a very attractive yacht with modern and highly functional design. The yacht has two cabins and a head compartment below the deck, a cockpit cover with a hard top and an electrically operated roof hatch.

This Coupe model is unique due to its innovative electric cockpit door concept. The whole space ca be fully closed or opened in a single move or by automatic feature. This solution enables this Mediterranean-style cockpit to be completely closed without the hassle with the tarpaulin.

Pearlsea 31 Coupe model was very interesting to visitors because of its elegant design and functionality in terms of transport, maritime capabilities and good price compared to similar yachts from other European manufacturers.

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