On 20th Biograd Boat Show Pearlsea Yachts have exhibited two yacht models; Pearlsea 31 Hard Top and Pearlsea 31 Coupe (world premiere).

20th Biograd Boat Show jubilee

We're traditionally exhibiting at the largest sea boatshow in central Europe. This year, its jubilee, the 20th Biograd Boat Show was better then ever. More then 20.000 visitors enjoyed the showcase of nautical industry in Croatia. Around 300 exhibitors presented more then 300 boats.

Pearlsea have exhibited two yacht models - Pearlsea 31 Hard Top and Coupe model with unique cockpit doors solution. First time exhibited Pearlsea 31 Coupe was the World premiere nominated for the Best of Boats 2018 award.

Pearlsea 31 Coupe world premiere

The Pearlsea 31 Coupe features a modern and highly functional design. The yacht has two cabins and a head compartment below the deck, a cockpit covered with a hard top and an electrically operated roof hatch. A distinctive feature of the Pearlsea 31 Coupe model is that the cockpit space can be fully closed or opened in a single move - a unique and innovative solution from Pearlsea that enables this Mediterranean-style cockpit to be completely closed.

Coupe model was very interesting to visitors as it gives more safety, privacy and practicality then Hard Top or Open models.

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