Top-flight European yacht design firms create our entire model range. Our extensive experience and innovative approach to construction have led us to create a product range that seamlessly blends breathtaking aesthetics with exceptional functionality.

Pearlsea Yachts - Design and functionality

Innovative yacht construction: setting new standards

We are not content with ordinary yacht construction methods. Instead, we choose to push the boundaries and raise the bar by adopting advanced techniques. Our yachts are produced using vacuum infusion with epoxy resin, in contrast to the conventional use of polyester or vinyl-ester. The benefits of this decision are manifold, resulting in superior mechanical properties, heightened resistance against fatigue and cracking, and significantly reduced risks of osmosis.

A greener, cleaner approach

Beyond the impressive performance and durability, our choice of vacuum infusion and epoxy resins also has a profound impact on the environment. Traditional production methods for glass-reinforced objects, particularly on a larger scale, often lead to pollution and lack of control. By opting for vacuum infusion, not only have we created yachts that are stronger and lighter, but we have also provided our skilled workforce with a cleaner, improved working environment, reducing emissions and promoting sustainability.

Unparalleled quality in every detail

When you choose a Pearlsea Yacht, you're choosing a vessel meticulously designed to offer unparalleled quality in every aspect. From construction rigidity to durability in the harshest maritime conditions, our yachts are engineered to stand the test of time without any deformation. Additionally, our unwavering attention to detail ensures that each yacht exudes an air of elegance and sophistication that is simply unmatched.

Pearlsea Yachts - Vacuum infusion and usage of epoxy resins